About Us

How Was Age Old Organics Started?

In 1984 EnP Inc was formed to supply organic based nutrients for concerned growers.  As an owner of a greenhouse,  we were able to test and develop products as we saw the need arise.

In 1991, friends in Boulder, Colorado wanted to use similar programs.  We realized that the difference in growing seasons, and western soils posed some unique challenges. The solution was the development of Age Old Organics™.

In 1997, Age Old Organics moved from the snow covered mountains of Boulder, Colorado to the green grass of Central Illinois. It now makes its home in Mendota, Illinois. From this location, Age Old Organics™ has prospered and grown. Our small, family-run company now distributes its products all over the United States.

Today’s consumer is concerned about the quality of the food they buy. They want real taste, they want to be sure it’s nutritious and free from chemicals.  Age Old Organics™ nutrients and soil conditioning products continue to help many home owners, who are concerned about the quality of the produce they grow, maintain beautiful grounds and gardens. Our products are also used by many golf courses, and landscape companies to install and maintain ornamentals and turf.

Age Old Organics’ programs promote a natural approach to growing that puts life back into the soil. This is achieved by adding naturally based nutrients and enzymes to the soil, thus restoring the biological life in the soil. Our organic based liquid nutrients applied directly to the plants, provides nutrients in forms that are immediately available to the growing plant. This combination of soil building and plant feeding provides the best of all worlds for growing bumper crops of great tasting and highly nutritious produce.

Here at Age Old Organics, we use what we sell.


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