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  • My garden is doing amazing thanks to Age Old Organics... Always have loved your products!

    Tyler Dutter
    Tyler Dutter
  • We swear by it here in Nevada Country.

    WIlliam Melendy
    WIlliam Melendy

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  • Predatory Plants
    Predatory Plants
    In the plant kingdom, the survival instinct has triggered some rather unique adaptations forcing us to pause and rethink plant behavior. Predatory plants have managed to break the ‘rules’ by adapting for their own survival. In this post we will touch on the predatory nature of carnivorous and parasitic plants. Carnivorous Plants There are over […]
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  • How to Make Age Old Compost Tea
    How to Make Age Old Compost Tea
    Liquid fertilizer is an age old way of adding nutrients to the soil. Earliest records of liquid fertilizer can be traced back to the history of Ancient Athens when they carried city sewage by way of canals to feed their crops. Over time, fertilizers have evolved thanks to advances in science and agriculture.  Now more […]
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  • Composting
    Healthy soil leads to healthy plant growth.  Healthy plants are less likely to be distressed by pests and diseases.  You can achieve quality, healthy soil by adding organic soil amendments, like compost, manure, chopped leaves, and mulch into and onto the surface of the soil. You may want to start a compost pile.  You can […]
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