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  • My garden is doing amazing thanks to Age Old Organics... Always have loved your products!

    Tyler Dutter
    Tyler Dutter
  • We swear by it here in Nevada Country.

    WIlliam Melendy
    WIlliam Melendy

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  • Growing Hops at Home: An Act of Tradition
    Growing Hops at Home: An Act of Tradition
    *This article is dedicated to the memory of J.T. Holden. A great writer and friend, who always reminded me that it’s okay to be a little weird. The Hops plant (Humulus lupulus) is a plant with a story that is deeply rooted in both time and tradition. Far before hops met beer, there was documented […]
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  • Bloom and Grow Customer Testimonial — Charlie Woodman
    Bloom and Grow Customer Testimonial — Charlie Woodman
    My wife and I own a small organic farm in Maine. We grow flowers, veggies, and herbs. I grow organic medicinal herbs as well. Last year, I was struggling with a group of plants. They were yellowing and droopy and no matter what I did nothing helped. I have always used traditional organic composts and […]
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  • Growing Plants in a Bag
    Growing Plants in a Bag
    In this modern age of gardening, growers have at their fingertips a large variety of growing media or medium to choose from. Expanded clay pellets, vermiculite, perlite, coco coir, rockwool , straw, sand, sphagnum moss, lava rock, soil-less potting mixes (organic and inorganic) are a few I can name. This is a hefty list already […]
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