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Liquid Fertilizers

Age Old Liquid Fertilizers are concentrates designed to build soil fertility and increase biological activity in all indoor/outdoor soils and provide quality organic-based nutrients for hydroponic growing systems. Can be applied as a foliar spray, as a soil drench, and in drip irrigation and fertigation systems.

Age Old Bloom (5-10-5)
Age Old Grow (12-6-6)
Age Old Kelp (.3-.25-.15)
Age Old Fish and Seaweed (3-3-2)
HELP (1-0-0)
Calibur 20
CalMag 32
Humic Acid

Dry Fertilizers

Age Old Organic dry products are designed and blended to build and sustain the beneficial soil micro-organism population that is necessary for healthy and robust plant growth. In our products we use the highest quality organic feed stocks that are carefully checked to assure they are free of both heavy metal contaminants and unwanted micro-organisms. We use environmentally friendly sources for all our organic nutrients, chelated minerals and trace elements.

In Full Bloom (5-10-5)
Grow Formula (8-4-1)
Dry Fruit (2-10-20)
Root Rally (w/ mycorrhizae)
Earthworm Castings (1-0-0)
Kelp Meal (0-0.2-1.28)
Water Soluble Mycorrhizae

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