Liquid Fertilizers

Age Old Organic Liquid Blends are concentrated and must be diluted prior to use. When used as directed, they provide the necessary organic nutrients and bio-stimulators needed for healthy plants and increased biological activity in all indoor/outdoor soils. A great way to provide quality organic-based nutrients for hydroponics growing systems. Refer to the label for specific use and application rates.



AGE OLD BLOOM (5-10-5)

A fast-acting natural high phosphorus combination of two of the oldest forms of fertilizer known, with added micronutrients. Odorless and concentrated Age Old Bloom will encourage early growth, better fruit set, increase germination rates, help flower and bud formation, and will help overcome stress caused by natural or chemical damage.



AGE OLD GROW (12-6-6)

A fast-acting natural high nitrogen formula with a 2 to 1 nitrogen ratio to encourage continued growth and vigor to your plants. Age Old Grow is manufactured by combining fish, seaweed, and naturally-occurring nutrients to form a stable, odorless, liquid plant food.



The original organic fertilizer is a blend of processed fish hydrolysates and North Atlantic sea kelp. Loaded with macro-nutrients Age Old Fish & Seaweed makes for an effective plant stress reducer, encourages root growth and is rich in carbohydrates.



AGE OLD KELP (0.30-0.25-0.15)

Liquid Kelp concentrate supplies your plants with fast-acting and an odorless sources of minerals. When applied as a soil drench, Age Old Kelp helps build soil tilth and will restore the biological life of damaged soils. When used as a foliar spray, Age Old Kelp provides needed nutrients while improving the uptake of most nutrients.




Ca-Libur 20 is a high analysis suspension liquid calcium for the correction of calcium deficiencies and strengthening cell walls. It is formulated so it  can be applied as a foliar treatment with either a spray rig or orchard mister. It also can be used for the prevention of bitter pit. Repeated applications of Ca-Libur 20 will have an effect on the level of sun damage, and will act as a deterrent for crawling and egg laying pests on plants and trees.




Humic fractions biologically encourage plants, increasing cell division and nutrient uptake resulting in stronger, healthier plants and higher yields. Soil applications of Humic Acid are used to release nutrients that are in the soil but not readily available to the plant. It is also used to reclaim soils damaged by chemicals.



PROMOTE (4-0-1)

Promote is a proprietary combination of Humates, seaweed extract and wetting agents designed to work in harmony to break the chemical bonding of tied-up mineral nutrients in the root zone. Promote improves the biological activity of the soil to improve tilth and texture. It improves soil water movement and holding capabilities reducing problems associated with standing water, soil crusting and localized dry spots.



HELP (1-0-0)

HELP™ is an enzymatic, fermented, organic compound that provides vitamins, enzymes, and bio-stimulators to rejuvenate your plant’s production system. Apply directly to the foliage for immediate results. Add to your systems tank reserve to keep the HELP™ coming. HELP™ revitalizes and renews the photosynthesis and cellproduction processes within the plant that help damaged plants recover.


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